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We are pleased to announce that the New Zealand Genealogy Databases ( has become the Australasian Genealogy databases ( Since the earliest days of European settlement there has always been a lot of trans-Tasman migration, and NZGDB has always had a lot of Australian records in its database, so this move is a logical progression. As NZGDB the site has grown from about 1M records to its present size of 12M records in about 18 months: we look forward to this growth continuing and even accelerating as, in partnership with Gould Genealogy, we bring this high quality site to Australians, offering them the same levels of service that have been delighting Kiwis.

Why another web site? What’s wrong with the sites already out there? Well, like you we have used the web in our own research, but been frustrated by it. You know the criticisms: information is simply copied from site to site, research is ripped off, there's no documentation, information is unreliable, and so on. We wanted something better. We wanted a system that combined the best features of the web with the power of your favourite PC program, while supporting the rigor of proper genealogy research and procedures.

  • Imagine that you can securely store your family history information on the web, making it available without loosing control. No more posting a GED with errors, only to have these errors pop up in other's trees long after you have corrected them and reposted. Or having your information copied without attribution. Your information can certainly be copied to other records, but with ANZGDB automatically adding source tags your work is credited.
  • Imagine a system where you don't have to carefully strip out data about your living relatives to avoid privacy problems, because the system will do it for you. Where you can share your family data securely with your family, while sharing the public data with the general genealogy community. Where you can include confidential information by password-protecting it, with passwords set to expire in (say) 30 years.
  • Imagine that, when you store your information, the system automatically locates duplicate records, without swamping you with heaps of "duplicates" that are actually unrelated people. Now, when you open your record you can see others' records of the same person, helping you to get in contact with these genealogists with common interests. Imagine that functions are provided to compare these records so that you can easily find out where your facts differ, even if only by one character.
  • Imagine that the information you can store can include not only the kinds of data exported in a GEDCOM, but pictures, documents, even audio (look at the guided tour for examples). Family databases that are just collections of names and dates are boring: I want to know what sort of people my ancestors were! Don’t you?
  • Imagine a site where, when you discover new related records you don’t have to copy them, you can simply link to them. That way you not only enlarge your tree with less effort, but more importantly the other person's records remain their records, with all their research correctly attributed, and you haven’t created yet another copy to become obsolete as the original is updated.
  • Imagine a site where you can print out charts of ancestors and descendents, not just from your own records, but from the records of others who have recorded part of your family history also. It would be like having a world database on your own PC!

Imagine no more. ANZGDB does all this, and more. Our dream is that eventually the system will contain at least one record of every ancestor of every Australian and every New Zealander, and these records will contain the best information available about its subject. We’re well on our way. With over 12M records (1st Jan. 2009) ANZGDB already has the largest collection of New-Zealand related family trees on the web, much larger than the New Zealand sections of the large overseas sites, and also substantial numbers of Australian records.

Share the dream! Put your records on to! Registration is free, searching is free, you will ALWAYS have access to your own records for free, and the resource tables are free. Also, submitting your records gives you a subscription credit giving you free access to all records for a time. Or send us a donation or subscription ($25). Your support helps us to keep the site growing: every cent received goes into making the site better!

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